BAY ST. LOUIS: 100 Men Hall w/screening of James Booker doc

The 100 Men Hall is screening Lily Keber’s Bayou Maharajah on Friday, August 26, at 7PM in preparation for BOOKER FEST that begins Labor Day weekend.



The bar is open. Jesse Loya – the OG DJ – will have tunes.

“Three and a half minutes into his rendition the live recording of his microcosmically titled composition, “Life,” James Booker throws an astonishing run across the piano keys that tells us, in a handful of musical measures, how unfathomable and incalculable his talent was. He knows it, too, letting out the smallest, self-satisfied utterance — “Hah” — at the solo’s end. Do not, he seems to warn his audience, try that if you are not Booker. And no one else ever or hence will be Booker.”

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