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Markers in the River Region

Jackson’s rich music legacy includes the historic Farish Street district, where markers acknowledge the Trumpet label, the Alamo Theatre and singer Dorothy Moore. Head south to visit Robert Johnson’s hometown of Hazlehurst and Bo Diddley’s birthplace of McComb, or take the Natchez Trace to explore the fascinating history of the Rabbit Foot Minstrels in Port Gibson.

61 Highway Capital/River Vicksburg Highway 61 South Map
Ace Records Capital/River Jackson Ace Records Map
Blue Room Capital/River Vicksburg Blue Room Map
Bo Diddley Capital/River McComb Bo Diddley Map
Bobby Rush Capital/River Jackson Bobby Rush Map
Bud Scott Capital/River Natchez Bud Scott Map
Cassandra Wilson Capital/River Jackson Cassandra Wilson Map
Charles Evers Capital/River Fayette Charles Evers Map
Charley Patton Birthplace Capital/River Bolton Charley Patton Birthplace Map
Club Desire Capital/River Canton Club Desire Map
Dorothy Moore / Alamo Capital/River Jackson Dorothy Moore Map
Ealey Brothers Capital/River Natchez Ealey Brothers Map
Edwards Hotel Capital/River Jackson Edwards Hotel Map
Gold Coast Capital/River Jackson Gold Coast Map
H.C. Speir Capital/River Jackson H.C. Speir Map
Hickory Street Capital/River Canton Hickory Street Map
Houston Stackhouse Capital/River Wesson Houston Stackhouse Map
Ishmon Bracey Capital/River Jackson Ishmon Bracey Map
J.B. Lenoir Capital/River Monticello J.B. Lenoir Map
Lil Green Capital/River Port Gibson Lil Green Map
Little Brother Montgomery Capital/River Brookhaven Little Brother Montgomery Map
Malaco Records Capital/River Jackson Malaco Records Map
Marcus Bottom Capital/River Vicksburg Marcus Bottom Map
McCoy Brothers Capital/River Raymond McCoy Brothers Map
Natchez Burning Capital/River Natchez Natchez Burning Map
Otis Spann Capital/River Jackson Otis Spann Map
Papa Lightfoot Capital/River Natchez Papa Lightfoot Map
Piney Woods Capital/River Piney Woods Piney Woods Map
Queen of Hearts Capital/River Jackson Queen of Hearts Map
Rabbit Foot Minstrels Capital/River Port Gibson Rabbit Foot Minstrels Map
Red Tops Capital/River Vicksburg Red Tops Map
Robert Johnson Birthplace Capital/River Hazlehurst Robert Johnson Birthplace Map
Rubin Lacy Capital/River Pelahatchie Rubin Lacy Map
Scott Radio Service Capital/River Jackson Scott Radio Service Company Map
Subway Lounge Capital/River Jackson Subway Lounge Map
Summit Street Capital/River McComb Summit Street Map
The Chatmon Family Capital/River Bolton The Chatmon Family Map
Tommy Johnson Capital/River Crystal Springs Tommy Johnson Map
Trumpet Records Capital/River Jackson Trumpet Records Map
William R. Ferris Capital/River Vicksburg 100 Men Hall Map
Willie Dixon Capital/River Vicksburg Willie Dixon Map
Woodville Blues Capital/River Woodville Woodville Blues Map