GREENVILLE: T-Model Ford Yard Party Fundraiser, 2pm

T-MODEL FORD YARD PARTY (2pm) AND FUNDRAISER BLUESJAM!!! This Sunday, 3/17, join the legendary 92-year-old “Ladies’ Man”James “T-Model” Ford, his wife Miss Stella, their family, friends and(hopefully) a bunch o’ blues musicians in the front yardof the T-Model Ford home. Musicians are welcome and encouraged to comeplay for the “Taledragger”! Donations are also welcome and encouragedfrom those who just come to party, listen and pay respect to the manhimself. T will be glad to see you. For real. The current houseaddress is 216 North Delta Street Greenville MS 38703.

If y’all CAN’T make it on Sunday, please consider supporting T’s crowd-funding project (courtesy of T’s film buddy Chaz) at

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