JACKSON: Hal & Mal’s w/Stewpot Youth event

Stewpot youth will perform at Blue Monday on November 22nd at Hal &Mal’s, 7pm.  Teen boys and girls had twelve lessons from Melvin”Housecat” Hendrex.  The youth are budding drummers and are excited tobe performing before an audience at Blue Monday.

Demonstrations and lectures were given by Dorothy Moore, Bobby Rush, Dr.Edgar Smith, Bill Kehoe, Malcolm Shepherd, Er Olatunga and Adib Shikar.

The lessons were made possible by a grant from Greater Jackson ArtsCouncil.  Drum sticks and pads were donated by James Parker, SavinaSchoenhofer, Gwen Bussa and four guys from the UK.

Please pass along this notice from Marcia Weaver.

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