TUTWILER: Sonny Boy Day!

Per harmonica champ Jon Gindick:  “Planning a Sonny Boy Day in Tutwiler on Monday, May 23, the day before my Jam Camp starts and the day after Adam Gussows Harmonica Hill Country event ends. It will be like a mini Jam Camp, except for as many people as we can get instead of limited enrollment. I wil lbe teaching a class for all harp players starting at noon and the other pros will teach during the day and in the evening have an all-star jam (that actually includes everybody who wants) that includes Marc Hummel, Cheryl Arena, Me, Hash Brown, Ralph Carter, Mark Yacovone and Lee led rythm section. We are charging $55 in advance, and $65 at the door.” http://bluesharmonicajamcamp.com/sonnyboyfestival.html

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