WATERFORD: Hill Country Harmonica w/Adam Gussow

From organizer Adam Gussow:

Hill Country Harmonica returns!

Backin 2010, I took a risk and staged a blues harmonica event at a horseranch in Waterford, Mississippi, fifty miles south of Memphis.  I was ablues harp guy, not an event planner or promoter, but somehow, with thehelp of a guy named Jeff Silverman, Hill Country Harmonica was summonedinto being–a crazy, creaking, epic weekend that left pretty mucheverybody asking for more.  Workshops and lectures during the day; acocktail hour jam session; and a three-act concert each night, withincidental performances along the way.
Andthere were, in addition, certain…..locally distilled libations. These produced remarkable good times and an enduring sense offellowship.   
Wedid it again, bigger and better, in 2011 and 2012.  We had more than130 registrants in 2011, with Sugar Blue and Jason Ricci headlining thatyear and Billy Branch and Mitch Kashmar headlining in 2012.
Andthen, exhilarated but exhausted, Jeff and I walked away.  Until thisyear.  When, driven by the energy and organizational expertise of SeanO’Phelan of Midwest Harmonica Workshop fame, we are doing it again.
The event takes place on Thursday through Sunday, May 17-20, 2018. Our headliners include Charlie Sayles, Mitch Kashmar, Omar Coleman,Jimi Lee, Todd Parrott, Brandon Bailey, and yours truly, Adam Gussowwith my Blues Doctors duo.  And that’s just the beginning.  Low-cost campsites are available right on the premises.
For more information, here’s the homepage:  Hill Country Harmonica at MHW
Youmight also take a look at the event’s legacy website, which will giveyou a vivid sense of the good time that was had by all:  HCH legacy website.

You DO want to be there.  Please register today.

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