Statutory Members

Craig Ray, Director of Tourism, Mississippi Development Authority – Jackson, Miss.

Ronnie Agnew, Mississippi Public Broadcasting – Jackson, Miss.

Trina George, USDA Rural Development Agency – Jackson, Miss.

Dr. Rolando Herts, Delta Center for Culture and Learning, Delta State University – Cleveland, Miss.

Katie Blount, Mississippi Department of Archives and History – Jackson, Miss.

Bill McPherson, B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center – Indianola, Miss.

Dr. Ted Ownby, Director, Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the Univ. of Mississippi – Oxford, Miss.

Dr. Yolanda Jones, Mississippi Valley State University – Itta Bena, Miss.

Malcolm White, Mississippi Arts Commission – Jackson, Miss.

Governor Appointments

J. Kempf Poole, Chairman – Madison, Miss.

Bob Arentson– Jackson, Miss.

Adrian L. Jones – Jackson, Miss.

Bobby Peoples – Brandon, Miss.

Rusty Fortenberry – Jackson, Miss.

Josh Windham – Brandon, Miss.

Lt. Governor Appointments

Senator Lydia Chassaniol – Winona, Miss.

Senator Willie Simmons – Jackson, Miss.

Speaker Appointments

Representative Sara Thomas – Indianola, Miss.

Representative Willie Bailey – Greenville, Miss.


Tara Wren, Mississippi Public Broadcasting – Jackson, Miss.

Mississippi Development Authority / Tourism Division

Kamel King, Bureau Manager, – Jackson, Miss.

Mississippi Blues Trail Project Coordinator

Hammons & Associates – Greenwood, Miss

Mississippi Blues Trail Writing and Research Team

Jim O’Neal – Kansas City, Missouri

Scott Barretta – Oxford, Miss.


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